Gloria (Live at Reservior Studios) - Director, DP, Video Editor.

In this live session film, we set out to capture the intimacy and grandeur of Henry Jamison's latest studio album, 'The Gloria Duplex'. Filmed at Reservior Studios in NYC, the film features a two-song set that showcases Henry's lyricism and the tiny moments that happen before performing at such a historic recording studio.
We hope you enjoy this film and get a sense of the atmosphere and emotion of Henry Jamison's live performance.
Client                                       Akira Records
Produced by                   The Wild Honey Pie
Director, DP, Video Editor       Jonah Lorsung
B Camera Operator            Garson Ormiston
C Camera Operator               Lucas Gonzalez
Set Photographer                       Sara Laufer
Production Assistance            Emma Bowers
Production Assistance         Sam Weisenthal

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