Born Again, Music Film - Director, DP, Video Editor

"It was really me coming to terms with, I am a musician.  
Which took me a really long time to say."
Client                             Fat Possum Records
Director, DP, Video Editor      Jonah Lorsung
Linnea, aka Ellis, is as kind as she is soft-spoken. In this short-form documentary, we had the opportunity to gain a glimpse into Ellis' creative process as she writes and performs. Despite her own self-doubt, Ellis exudes a sense of assuredness that is reflected in her music.
We were honored to capture a slice of the process behind the recording of Ellis' debut album, "Born Again". Hearing her arrangements and lyrics elevated by the grander production value really sets the stage for this film. We hope you enjoy getting to know Ellis and her music through this documentary.

 60 second Social Cut for "Fall Apart" Single Release

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