The Lorejas family is living the dream - and what better way to showcase Super Pacific's brand story than through a short documentary highlighting that dream.  
Time in the great outdoors with a family of five, and an ultra-compact camper paired with an off-roading machine, Aim, Kim, and their 3 children are the epitome of Super Pacific's ethos and spirit - Whatever you do, soak up and respect the outdoors whenever and wherever you can.  
I was honored to DP and edit this project - bringing in elements provided by Aim and archival photos from their family's history complete this epic story of humble beginnings; backpacking as a young couple to the over-landing rig of their dreams with 3 bundles of joy in tow.
Client                                                                Super Pacific USA
Director                                                                 Josh Anderson
DP & Video Editor                                                 Jonah Lorsung
B - Cam Op                                                             Lance Hanson
Aerial Footage                                                           Aim Lorejas

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