Jonah Lorsung | Filmmaker + Photographer
stories through words, photos, and films.
Lady Lamb | I Feel A Stillness Growing

Director, DP, Editor - Short Documentary

Selected as a finalist in the Independent Shorts Awards, Oregon Short Film Festival, and London International Short Film Festival.  Aly Spaltro, known as Lady Lamb, was on tour in support of her new record, Even In The Tremor, when the world shut down.  Catapulted back to her home state of Maine she finds herself wondering if she's really meant to be a musician any more and what that means for her future.
Mïrändä | Stay

Director, DP, Editor - Music Video
Mïrändä reaches towards a lost lover, yearning and hoping for them to stick around.  A mysterious figure appears after she hosts a special ritual.  A film inspired heavily by tarot card figures, religious iconography, and the occult.
Intel | HP Spectre x360

Producer, DP, Animator & Editor - Branded Series
College is hard enough without having to wrangle the tech in your life.  This branded series follows influencer and YouTuber Sara Dietschy through her various forms to find the right laptop for your needs.
Vanlife Northwest | Snow Run 2021

Director, DP, Editor - Adventure Film
A community of impassioned 4x4'ers trek out into dangerous driving conditions in the Pacific Northwest.
Alex Schaaf | Waves

Director, DP, Editor - Short Form Documentary
Alex Schaaf, formerly Yellow Ostrich, stripped down his indie rocker stature in favor of traveling from living room to living room in support of his latest musical venture, "Waves".  A film about love, loss, and acceptance of oneself, Alex comes to terms with moving away from New York, a break up, and a life on the road.