photo by India Kieser
Jonah Lorsung is a filmmaker and photographer with over a decade of experience creating short-form content for brands and creatives alike. His work spans a range of subjects, from personal films about love, loss, and mental health to larger commercial projects for brands like Tax Act, Fender, and Intel.  Jonah's film "Even In The Tremor" was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2021 Oregon Film Festival. He has also worked with notable content creators such as Sara Dietschy, Kraig Adams, and Elena Taber, producing videos for their social platforms that have garnered millions of views and helped drive audience growth and brand recognition. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Jonah is dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful content that resonates with audiences.

As a storyteller, my mission is to create meaningful work that resonates with audiences but also means something to me. Whether it's a personal film about mental health or a larger release for a major brand, I strive to produce high-quality work that not only meets my clients' needs, but also makes a positive impact on the world. I am dedicated to exploring new ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling, and collaborating with other creatives to bring my vision to life.