Portland Leather Goods - DP, Video Editor, & Sound Design

I had a blast creating these quirky and fun social videos to promote the launch of Portland Leather Goods' special edition Rainbow collection. These limited edition colorways sold out in mere minutes, and I'm proud to have contributed to their success through the use of custom sound design, a great music track, and simple title animation.
My goal was to create engaging and effective advertising that resonated with Portland Leather Goods' Insiders Facebook group (with over 40k members). The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many group members praising the videos as a great example of how advertising should be done.
Client                                                    Portland Leather Goods
Director                                                                 Steve Bartells
DP & Video Editor                                                Jonah Lorsung
Photographer                                                       Chelsea Miller
Production Assistance & Styling                      Sophie Bannister

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