How it's made, made interesting.
With Super Pacific, we took off, (ha!) for our first collaboration. A bird's eye view of their manufacturing and processes behind what makes the X1, their industry leading clam shell camper, "Built Like An Airplane".  
With YouTube, though ever-changing, we executed the, "title and thumbnail first", approach.  "Built Like An Airplane", immediately catches the viewers attention, it's one of the X1's claims to fame and was frankly under utilized in current marketing.  The, "Made Here" series follows up those sentiments with specific components of the X1's construction and how it's built in the USA with quality goods and manufacturing, some only a few miles away from SP's HQ.
Through my trademark love of including as much character and "bloopers" as possible, I highlighted, Peter's (co-founder + ceo's) personality and wealth of knowledge as well as some of the team that makes the dream happen along the way.  I always strive to make compelling but honest content, even though it may not be what the algorithm loves, given time, I believe it reinforces the audiences' trust and keeps them coming back every time.
Client                                                                Super Pacific USA
Director                                                                 Josh Anderson
DP & Video Editor                                                 Jonah Lorsung

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